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Child Arrangements Agreement

A Child Arrangements agreement (also known as a “parenting agreement”) is a written plan worked out between parents following their separation.  This is a standalone premium service, however, you may decide to combine it with one of our divorce services.

Who is it suitable for?

A Child Arrangements agreement is ideal if you and your ex-partner have either divorced or separated and are looking to establish some ground rules for the practical parenting of your children.  In our experience, parenting agreements tend to work best when they are flexible and regularly reviewed.

You and your ex-partner may have reached an informal agreement about the children through personal discussions following your separation.  Alternatively, you may have reached agreement with the help of a 3rd party such as a mediator but, in both cases, you simply want the security of a professionally drafted agreement.

How does it work?

Each agreement is unique as no two parents and their children are the same.

One of Express Divorce’s lawyers will prepare a bespoke agreement that covers everything you and your ex-partner feel is important to the children’s upbringing.  Normally, most parents want to include references to the following:

  • Where the children live;
  • When they spend time with each parent;
  • How the children are financially supported.

You may also want to include provisions for communication, education, health care and rules about introducing new partners.

All you need to do is order your agreement and complete a simple online questionnaire.  Alternatively, you can email us or upload details of any agreement you may have reached.

We will prepare a draft agreement for your approval within 28 days.

Is the agreement legally binding?

Although the agreement is voluntary, it is highly likely that a judge would uphold the provisions in the event of a dispute, especially if it had been in place for some time and was regularly reviewed.  In the first instance, we strongly recommend that you try and mediate your differences before applying to court.

Some customers ask us to prepare a bespoke agreement before submitting it to the court for a judge’s approval.  Should you opt for this route, you need to indicate on your court application form that you are asking the court to formalise a parental agreement. You will also need to pay a £215.00 court fee.

The process normally takes between 6 and 8 weeks and, normally, there is no court hearing.   A judge will approve the agreement if they believe it is in the children’s best interests.  More details about the court process can be found here.

Why Us?

Our experience

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Best value for money

We constantly review our prices to ensure we offer the best value when compared to our online competitors. Furthermore, our fixed-fee divorces have no hidden costs and will save you hundreds of pounds when compared to a high street solicitor.

Client satisfaction

Our customer support team draw upon 20 years’ experience and take pride in putting you first. We understand divorce can be an extremely stressful experience which is why our team will always deal with your issues courteously and sympathetically.

How much does it cost?


  • Regular updates by email
  • A qualified lawyer to draft the agreement
  • Free help and guidance via email and our online support facility
  • 7 day money back guarantee


You can buy from Express Divorce with confidence knowing you are covered by our 7 day money-back guarantee


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