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Deed Poll of Name Change


The easiest way to change your name in the UK is by Deed Poll.  The actual document is called a “Deed Poll of Name Change” or a “Change of Name Deed.”

You have the right to call yourself whatever you like in the UK with a few limited exceptions.  Sometimes, however, you may need to change your name on an official document such as a passport or driving license.  In this case, you would change your name by Deed Poll.

You can change part of your name or your entire name.  You may want to add or remove a middle name of spell your name differently.  All of these changes can be done by a Deed Poll.

Who is our service suitable for?

UK or Commonwealth citizens who are over 18.

You may be divorcing or recently divorced and wish to formally revert to your previous surname.  Sometimes, you may simply want a change because you are unhappy with your current name!

How does it work?

The process is remarkably easy.

Complete a simple online questionnaire, choose the number of certified copies you need and pay for your order. Our in-house lawyers will prepare your Deed Poll within 72 hours.

Once you receive your Deed Poll, you should sign it in the presence of a witness. The witness should be over 18 and not related to you, nor resident at your address

Finally, you can use your signed Deed Poll in support of your application for official documentation.

Does a Deed Poll need to be registered?


Contrary to popular belief, Deed Polls do not need to be registered.  Some customers decide to ‘enrol’ (register) their Deed Poll in the Central Office of the High Court, however, this can be a lengthy process.  The court application costs £36.00 in addition to the fees a solicitor or notary will charge for witnessing an affidavit in support of the Deed Poll application.

Do I need more than one copy of my Deed Poll?

Normally, you will want to notify multiple organisations of your name change.  We provide an original and a certified copy as part of your initial order, however, please bear in mind that most government organisations do not accept photocopies of your original Deed Poll.  Therefore, you may decide to order 3 or 4 certified copies together with your initial order.

Please store your Deed Poll (and certified copies) safely.  ExD Legal Services archive your details for several years so we can prepare additional copies for a small fee.

Why Us?

Our experience

ExD have an outstanding in-house team of experienced matrimonial solicitors and paralegals who will always deal with you courteously and sympathetically.

Best value for money

We constantly review our prices to ensure we offer the best value services in comparison competitors. Furthermore, our fixed-fee divorces have no hidden costs and will save you hundreds of pounds when compared to a high street solicitor.

Client satisfaction

Our customer support team draw upon 20 years’ experience and take pride in putting you first. We understand divorce can be an extremely stressful experience which is why our team will always deal with your issues courteously and sympathetically.

How much does it cost?

£12.00 for an original Deed Poll and one certified copy.

£5.50 for every 2 additional copies.

Key Features

  • Professionally drafted Deed Poll and certified copy
  • Original and copies printed on security paper with company seal
  • Digital information pack with sample letters to send to record holders
  • Online help and advice


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