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Replacement Deed Poll Service

Occasionally, people lose their original deed poll and do not have a certified copy to prove that they changed their name.  In this case, we can provide a replacement copy for you quickly and cost-effectively.

How does it work?

Simply place an order for a deed poll but complete the additional section requesting a replacement. 

Please bear in mind that the replacement deed poll cannot be backdated to the date of your original.  Instead, we insert a declaration in the replacement  stating that you have used your current name since a specific date.  You should sign the replacement deed poll and have a witness countersign in the same way that you did the original.

How much does it cost?

£20.00 plus £5.50 for every 2 duplicate copies

  • Professionally drafted replacement deed poll

  • Printed on security paper with company seal

  • Digital information pack

  • Online help and support


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