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Clean Break Order

Clean Break Order

An experienced Solicitor will prepare a tailored clean break order incorporating the agreement you have reached with your ex-spouse.

A Clean Break Order is a legally binding document approved by a judge.  It is a  simple but sensible safeguard to ensure that all of your financial ties are severed and neither you nor your ex-spouse can make a claim against the other’s finances (including any inheritances) in the future.

This is a popular service due to both the value and peace of mind it provides to our customers.

Clean Break Order

Who Is a Clean Break Order Suitable For?

This is a standalone service for those customers who have acquired very few assets together during their marriage.

This service is not suitable if any of the following are contained within your agreement.  Pension sharing,  have more than one property per individual, wish to detail or split business assets and where child or spousal maintenance forms part of your agreement.  If any of these are applicable you will require our  consent order service.

You might have started your own divorce proceedings and now want a legally binding agreement.  Alternatively, you may have instructed a lawyer to represent you in your proceedings but are now put off by the costs of the solicitor also preparing a clean break order and are happy to ‘mix and match.’

You may want Express Divorce to handle both your divorce and clean break order.  In that case, we recommend you consider our Managed Divorce and Clean Break Order Service (click here).

Express Divorce can guarantee you will save between £1000.00 and £1500.00 on traditional solicitors’ fees if we draft your agreed Clean Break Order.

How does it work?

Click the yellow ''Order Now'' button to be taken to our easy to use checkout. Look out for your welcome email after purchase containing a link to our secure online questionnaire.

Fill in the questionnaire with the details of your agreement. We complete initial checks to ensure we have all the details before moving to the drafting of your Clean Break Order.

Receive your solicitor drafted Clean Break Order documents by email, ready to print, sign and send to the court. We provide full instructions on processing your documents with the final drafts.

How much does it cost?

£99.00 (Plus £53.00 in court fees)

This represents a saving of approximately £120.00 when compared to other online providers and between £1200.00 and £1500.00 when compared to high-street solicitors’ fees.

A qualified lawyer to draft the Clean Break Order.

7 day money back guarantee.


You can buy from Express Divorce with confidence knowing you are covered by our 7 day money-back guarantee


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