A Fresh Start

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You can make positive and healthy lifestyle changes during any month, but as the saying goes, new year, new you…

Many people start the year feeling determined to make impactful lifestyle improvements, be it losing those few unwanted pounds or cutting back on the booze. The fear of making even bigger lifestyle changes can be terrifying because we all fear the unknown. Counteract that with what you do know. You do know how unhappy you are and what’s at the root of this unhappiness. You also most likely do know what actions are needed to improve your quality of life and make your mental health stop and thank you.
With the current cost of living crisis causing even more pressure and tension on relationships, it’s easy to think there’s no way out on your own. To maintain or achieve stable mental health requires ensuring you both look after yourself and are kind to yourself. This can often be overlooked and we’re expected to just ‘struggle on’ with the mind-set that it ‘could be worse’. Ask yourself why we treat ourselves in such a self-deprecating way; why do we feel we don’t deserve happiness and contentment, and that they’re unachievable, selfish pipe dreams?

In reality, even the smallest of improvements can make a massively positive impact. Get your mind set fit and then go to work on your goals.

As winter fades, and new light and life hits us for 2023, make the decision to look after yourself and make things happen how you want them to. As simplistic as it sounds, starting a 2023 journal can help focus your thoughts and get a strategy together for the practical changes you can implement to give yourself a much-needed fresh start. The smallest of improvements can make a massively positive impact.
Do your research into areas you want to fix, be that trying to find the right divorce option for you or just an overview of the divorce process. In general.

We’re great at procrastinating and giving ourselves future dates to remedy situations, there’s always an excuse to stall. What’s wrong with now? All you’re doing is robbing yourself of opportunities and precious time. Make your reason to succeed bigger than your excuse not to.