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Change The Way You Talk, And Think, About Divorce.

  What Is The Family Law Language Project UK? The Family Law Language Project was created by Emma Nash to change how we describe, think and feel about legal issues such as divorce. It aims to tackle issues in the...

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What is Divorce Day?

Divorce Day is the first Monday after New Year. It is meant to be the most popular time of the year for couples to either start researching divorce or even to start divorce proceedings. I have found that there are...

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Is gay sex adultery in the UK?

“Gay sex” cannot be used to quote adultery on a petition for divorce. If your husband has an affair with another man or if your wife has an affair with another woman it is not considered adultery in UK at...

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What is the best way to get divorced quickly?

For most married couples, the divorce process takes between 6 and 8 months, sometimes longer. The key to success is ensuring your divorce is uncontested and that means sensible negotiations and occasional compromise.    An Uncontested Divorce is normally much...

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Divorce ‘blame game’ to end in 2021

The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill (often referred to as the ‘no-fault’ divorce bill) recently passed its third reading in the House of Commons.  It will shortly return to the House of Lords where it will receive Royal Assent, however,...

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Do I have a right to my ex’s pension?

Pensions are often an overlooked asset in divorces. This is despite pension assets often being worth more than the family home. Due to the employment patterns in the UK, pension is an asset most likely to be lost to one...

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