What is the best way to get divorced quickly?

Express Divorce – Online Divorce Specialist

For most married couples, the divorce process takes between 6 and 8 months, sometimes longer. The key to success is ensuring your divorce is uncontested and that means sensible negotiations and occasional compromise.   

An Uncontested Divorce is normally much quicker than a contested divorce because you can end your marriage without constant negotiations, legal posturing, and court hearings. An Uncontested Divorce is also far less expensive than a contested divorce.

A lot of divorcing couples need help in reaching agreement.  Sometimes, friends and relatives can help, however, this also has the potential to inflame the situation.  Therefore, the Express Divorce team strongly recommend family mediation if you are struggling to reach agreement with your spouse.  You can find a list of local mediators

A good mediator will help you work together to find common ground on important financial and child-related issues.  Subject to your instructions, the mediator can liaise with us and provide information about the agreements you have reached with your spouse.

Once you have reached an agreement on the various divorce issues, the hard work is done and we can manage your divorce petition and draft your legally binding consent order.  For the vast majority of couples, we recommend the Managed Divorce and Consent Order Service