DIY Divorce

The DIY Divorce is the simplest and most affordable fixed-fee that service we offer.


Who is DIY Divorce for?

  • Customers who want the cheapest divorce.
  • Customers with no financial assets.
  • Customers have a written agreement regarding splitting their financial assets with their spouse.
  • Customers who want to save money by completing the divorce paperwork and filing with the court themselves.


How does it work?

Once you’ve ordered the DIY Divorce you will receive a welcome email with instant downloadable documents to complete your own divorce, including:

  • An easy to follow step-by-step guide with examples.
  • Up-to-date court documentation ready for completing and filing.
  • Free updates (if the law changes you will be forwarded new documents without charge)


What is included?

  1. Express Divorce Step By Step Guide
  2. Confidential Contact Details
  3. Divorce Petition
  4. Application For Decree Nisi
  5. Application For Decree Absolute
  6. Statement In Support – Adultery
  7. Statement In Support – Behaviour
  8. Statement In Support – Desertion
  9. Statement In Support – 2 Year Separation
  10. Statement In Support – 5 Year Separation


DIY Divorce is a cheap divorce.

All this for only £19.99!

Solicitors regularly charge between £200 and £300 per hour.

By doing your own divorce online, you will save between £750 and £1500 when compared to a high-street solicitor.


DIY Divorce is a quick divorce.

You can have access to all of the necessary documents and be ready to start your online divorce straight away.


We guarantee our DIY Divorce is the best value online divorce.

If you can find a cheaper, comparable product by another online provider, we will refund you the difference.


Why use Express Divorce?

Our experience

Express Divorce has an outstanding in-house team of experienced matrimonial solicitors and paralegals who will always ensure that your divorce is dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Best value for money

We constantly review our prices to ensure we offer the best value when compared to our online competitors. Furthermore, our fixed-fee divorces have no hidden costs and will save you hundreds of pounds when compared to a high street solicitor.

Client satisfaction

Our customer support team draw upon 20 years’ experience and take pride in putting you first. We understand divorce can be an extremely stressful experience which is why our team will always deal with your issues courteously and sympathetically.


PLEASE NOTE: This is an immediate access service and as such is not covered by our 7 day money-back guarantee


Let us manage your entire divorce from beginning to end. No confusion, no fuss, no stress. Simply choose one of our Premium Services.