The Benefits Of Using Express Divorce VS DIY Divorce

Compared to the costs associated with using high-street solicitors, a DIY divorce is a far cheaper option.

But there are several pitfalls that come with administering your own divorce.

And that is why an experienced online divorce service provider can prove to be a far better choice, even for those with limited funds.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of choosing Express Divorce to handle your separation.

Legal expertise

One of the key benefits of using Express Divorce is the peace of mind that comes from using a company with experience of handling thousands of divorces and relationship breakdowns.

We have experienced professionals who can assist and guide you in understanding the complex legalities of divorce.

This can be particularly beneficial when dealing with issues like child custody and the division of assets.


DIY divorces may appear cost-effective, but administrative errors and unexpected expenses can quickly add up.

Express Divorce offer fixed-price divorce packages, providing clarity on costs from the outset.

This can actually be more affordable over the term of the divorce than handling each aspect individually in a DIY divorce.


Express Divorce streamline the process of separation, saving you a great deal of time and stress compared to a DIY divorce.

Our services are designed to be user-friendly, guiding you through the necessary steps simply and efficiently.

Our automated processes reduce the time spent on paperwork and legal documentation and remove the time cost of administrative errors and missing paperwork.

Reduced emotional stress

Divorce is an emotionally challenging process.

We can alleviate some of the stress of your separation by remove the burden of handling your divorce and its legal complexities while providing guidance throughout the process.


Staying informed about the progress of your divorce with updates and notifications regarding the status of your divorce.

Knowing your divorce is being handled by a professional provides peace of mind and minimises uncertainty during an emotionally strained time.


Choosing an online divorce company like Express Divorce, over a DIY approach, not only provides practical benefits but is also great value compared to the time and potential costs associated with handling a divorce yourself.

Express Divorce are a modern and efficient solution for couples seeking a smoother route to navigating the complexities of divorce.


If you’re unsure of which type of divorce is right for you, please visit our divorce finder.